About us

Belmana was founded in 2012 by two former UK Government analysts, David Caplan (now at CIPFA) and Prabhat Vaze (Belmana’s Director), bringing experience of a number of policy areas and of managing large teams of professional economists, researchers and statisticians. Belmana has delivered analysis for a number of clients, either leading work or collaborating with partner organisations. Our commissions have always mixed our policy development skills with high quality research and analysis, all grounded in data.

We provide robust research and analysis to help our clients make better decisions and use resources more productively. We’ve years of experience managing and delivering analysis in complex organisations and bring a deep understanding of the policy world. We work for local authorities, central government departments, regulators, public agencies and NGOs, and offer services ranging from data management, over policy appraisals and to impact evaluations.


We often have vacancies for those interested in using their economic, statistical or policy analysis skills. We recruit people at all levels from recent graduates to professionals with a track record in the field of policy analysis. Please contact us to find out more about your opportunities at Belmana.

Our social and environmental commitments

Net zero by 2050 is a challenge for all of us. We’re a small team working on studies that look at how this is being achieved. We see in our work the challenges and how these are going to be overcome and are committed to tracking our own performance to achieve net zero within ten years. The Belmana_Carbon-Reduction-Plan-20220322¬†is available.